Six Tales From Purgatory

"An expert fisherman searches for his own piece of paradise but gets more than he bargained for. A timid woman afraid of confrontation learns the dark secret behind a grisly death. A family man must confront a tragic past at a lonely drive-in theater."

These are just three of the terrifying stories featured in Paul S. Fowler’s new horror collection. In each new tale, a seemingly normal person reaches out to touch the infinite abyss between normal life and the world of the supernatural. Fowler’s adept storytelling first lulls you into enjoying the most ordinary of circumstances, like going out for a day of fishing or finding somewhere safe to stop after a long drive. Then, he drops the curtain and shows you the dark supernatural forces lurking behind the façade of normality, just waiting for an opening, for a chance to sink their teeth into the unwary.

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These short tales of terror will rip you out of your everyday life and show you what happens to ordinary people haunted by the truly bizarre, whether it’s a grieving husband plotting revenge, an ambitious doctor losing perspective, or a college professor going on a life-changing date.

Author Paul S. Fowler’s short stories draw on the best traditions of American horror, from darkly twisted occult fiction to modern supernatural thrillers. He finds the darkness in the most idyllic of locations, from a tranquil fly-fishing destination to a quaint drive-in theater. At the very moment when characters feel like they have finally found a place to rest, tendrils of evil creep in. As their fragile sense of safety shatters, these characters must face what they fear the most—and what happens depends as much on fate as on their courage.

In Six Tales From Purgatory, some will find grace in the supernatural. Others will find only their doom.